Wrong Kind of Snow Warning?


Some 25 years or more ago, an unfortunate BR spokesman when asked about why snow was affecting trains, causing delays and cancellations, replied with the immortal phrase indicating it was …. “the wrong kind of snow”.

Naturally, this provoked a flurry of commentary by the newspaper media, and even TV and radio, but with little attention to detail or consideration of facts.  At the time, the electrified railways in the south of England were hampered as much by the use of 3rd rail contact systems; a technology dating from pre First World War days, as by anything the weather could provide.

But, in a feature for ‘Electrical Review’ in 1993, I wanted to explore the problem further, and wrote the article below.  It’s interesting to see how Britain tackled the problem compared with our European neighbours, who had far worse conditions to deal with.  So, are we any better at out today than we were then…. maybe I’ll have a look at this after our next bout of “arctic blast” – due next week I believe.

March 1993 - Wrong Kind of Snow - 2

Read the rest of the feature here:

Wrong Kind of Snow

Originally published in “Electrical Review” 25 Years ago in March 1993 – will history repeat itself ??


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