£15 billion Crossrail – Value for Money?


Having spent this eye watering sum of money how do we know we have value for money?

Do we count the number of fare paying passengers, and the revenue they provide over and above the cost of providing services?

Do we count the impact on the UK’s GDP?  If so, how do we measure that – the number of new jobs created, the increased productivity in London and the South East, or do we divide that added value by the number of employees, new startup businesses, etc., etc.??

Alternatively, do we measure the increased numbers of permanent jobs and the GDP of London and the South East against the lack of business growth in other regions, or a variation in the level of business failures, growth patterns in markets.

What are the practical benefits to people and businesses in Leeds, Cardiff, Manchester, Aberdeen or Kendal?

Today – this is what Crossrail’s banner on their website says:

“From improving journey times across London, to easing congestion and offering better connections, the Elizabeth line will provide easier, quicker and more direct travel opportunities across the capital.”

How will we know if this has been money well spent?


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