HS2 – Useless for UK Rail Growth


We have all heard that Phase 1 of HS2 will open in 2020, and Phase 2 by 2032 … or is it 2035.  So almost 20 years from now, assuming no dramatic changes to economic activity in the UK, and technology advances at the same lethargic rate, rail passengers will benefit, and numbers will grow.  However, by all other measures, HS2 is overall, an economic white elephant.

This means we will be able to commute into London, or from a London office to Birmingham, and later into Manchester and Leeds.  Clearly digital communications does not figure highly in business plans, and maybe they don’t use communications effectively today.

But – HS2 – in whatever shape or form it takes, will not reduce congestion on the road and motorway network.  Why?  Because we are all using the Internet to order products online, which cannot go by rail, and have to travel around the country in lorries, and then in white vans to reach their destinations.

Pressing on with HS2, as though it will improve rail travel in the UK, is a bit like going to the opticians, finding out you need spectacles for both eyes, but only buying one lens!

Quote apart from the idiocy of the route alignments, no thought whatever has been given to freight.

HS2 will add to air pollution in and around roads and motorways that pass through or bypass towns and cities.  HS2 will simply add congestion to the transport infrastructure, just as the third runway at Heathrow will add to congestion in the south east, since there is no plan for a joined up transport network.

Ask yourself this if you support HS2 – how does a package for a new kettle made in China get from Southampton to your house in Harrogate?  And, what if the other 99 kettles are needed across North Yorkshire, Lancashire or Cumbria?


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